Maintain the Canopy | Live in Community

As the photos on my social feeds will show, I adore trees.

From the pink buds of Cherry Blossom Season to the fire-y leaves of an Autumn red maple, trees exhibit life in a miraculously beautiful way. I recently saw a TED talk about trees, from which I grew gratitude. I was even able to draw similarities between the canopy-sustaining actions of a forest to the community/culture structure of my company, Keefe Real Estate (who’s logo also happens to be a tree).

Beneath the tree tops and down the trunks, at the bottom of the trees lies the forest floor. Roots, soil, fungi, and other organisms connect together as one, and synchronize their actions toward a common goal as growth. When one tree is sick, the nearby trees & overlaying fungi and other multi-cellular forms of life, living in symbiosis, send nutrients to that suffering tree, restoring it to health. Why? Because if one tree goes down, the whole forest suffers; the canopy creates a metaphorical steal trap door against all other elements of earth.

Just like a canopy makes a group of trees stronger, live longer, and thrive, the place I work has a similar mentality. When someone passes, we cry together. We’ve got a network of support, from veterans top-producing agents in this field to cutting edge technology pulled from other industries. Coaching, mentoring, sponsorship, and partnership are all encouraged, creating a symbiosis towards growth.

No matter how isolated one may become, you cannot deny the benefits exemplified when living organisms work together toward a common goal. Whether its the forest floor networks or a community-based work culture, 2 is always better than 1. You are a resource that works best when used in conjunction with another’s resource, & vice versa.

With this in mind, I leave you these 2 questions:

1) Who have you learned from lately?

2) What can you do today to help?

<3, Annie Z.

Sources Include:

June 2016 TED talk, How Trees Talk to Each Other | Susanne Simard

May 2018 Smithsonian Magazine, The Whispering Trees | Richard Grant

November 16, 2015, Trees Talk | Italia Peretti

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