One Down, Thousands to Go!

My First Listing, Transaction & Closing as a Licensed Agent

Please note: this is not my first time at the rodeo, but rather my first turn in the pit after years of training. I have played a hands-on role in 100+ transactions with Keefe Real Estate since 2017. You name it: from drafting listing contracts, offers to purchase, counter offers, amendments, to marketing and advertising, scheduling property tours, listing appointments, photo shoots, inspections, contractors – the whole nine yards, I’ve done it all!!!

What’s different about this transaction for me? I am now a licensed real estate agent! This licensure legally requires me to adhere to the following duties, to my seller in this transaction, and to all future clients – both buyers and sellers – in all future transactions, as well:

  1. Represent my seller’s interests loyally, i.e., placing his interests ahead of mine.
  2. Provide relevant, transaction-related information & advice to my seller upon request.
  3. Disclose all material facts to my seller; I had the duty to tell my seller about any fact that had the potential to effect/affect the real estate transaction, positive or negative.
  4. Fulfill any obligation required by the agency agreement.
  5. Negotiate on behalf of my seller, while maintaining duties 1 – 4.

for more on the Wisconsin Realtor Association, rules and regs + resources follow this link:

Specifically, while maintaining confidentiality, I can tell you the following highlights:

a) I did not know this gentleman, prior to his phone call into the Keefe Real Estate office, on Wednesday, October 2nd.

b) The condo was listed for sale on the Multiple Listing Service by Tuesday, October 8th.

c) Within 12 hours, there were 4 showings scheduled.

d) My seller had an accepted offer to purchase by end of day Wednesday, October 9th.

e) My seller and I coordinated several vendor appointments, in order to complete the required obligations listed out in the accepted offer to purchase.

f) My seller officially closed/sold his condo this past Thursday, October 31st.

I know this sounds incredibly easy, as far as transactions go; it went pretty seamlessly, i have to admit. That being said, there will be many more to come. But my point is: the market clearly still belongs to sellers, whether or not there’s snow on the ground – there are simply more buyers than sellers.

Check out the following links, leave a comment, ask a question! I want to hear from you.

❤ always,

Annie Zambito

Keefe Real Estate

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