The Decade Challenge: Walworth County, WI Real Estate Market

I keep seeing these “Decade Challenge” photos and #10yrchallenge posts, with a side-by-side picture of his or herself from ten years ago next to one taken this year, 2019. As this year comes to a close, yearly numbers are being crunched and comparisons are being drawn – across industries, including real estate. That’s when this idea struck: I want to see my local real estate market, Walworth County, “do” the Decade Challenge…

Let’s looks at the numbers:

  • The median price of a Walworth County home sold in October 2009, was $161,750; in 2019, that rose to $242,450.
  • The number of Walworth County homes sold in October 2009 was 104; in October, 2019, there were 192 homes sold in Walworth County.
  • Note the 2009 data goes through December, whereas 2019 ends October – with updates after the 15th of the month for the previous month.

The decade challenge will weave its way into mainstream media, as 2019 draws to a close. Everyone will soon be reflecting on the last decade…but I specifically would like you to contemplate the following questions:

a) Where were you living in 2009/were you affected by the real estate market at that time?

B) How is your life, and the market different now?

C) What does your life look like in a decade from today?

Here are my answers:

In 2009, I was 22; I lived in an old apartment between Wells and State Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In May of that year, I graduated from Marquette University. I worked at a group home for individuals with disabilities, in Whitewater, on weekends. I had no idea how drastically different my life would be in 2019.

…I remember friends not getting hired by X company, as planned, and many more who took employment in fields completely unrelated to their major, out of necessity. Tons of friends, I knew friends from HS that quit school, moved home, and helped with household expenses.

Personally, I tried and failed to get into medical school, 4 (yes, four) times, between 2009 and 2012. During this time-frame, I did apply – but wasn’t hired – for several mental health related jobs. I’m not trying to receive your sympathy, I’m just saying: I had no concept of the magnitude of the financial crisis of 2009, at that time. 2019 was a pivitol year; 2029 is going to be unrecognizable – in a good way – for me, at least. What about you? I’d love to hear! Let me know in the comments below…

❤ always, Annie Z

PHONE 262.348.3253   |   262.215.1982

P.S. Reach out for access to the WRA’s Housing Statistics

P.S.S. Here’s my 10 yr challenge photo…

Sources Include: Wisconsin REALTORS® Association. All rights reserved.

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