Moving Tips

Overall, this most recent moving experience was… not fun. My place was a complete disaster for two solid weeks. I couldn’t find things I needed when I needed them. My daily routine was thrown out of wack! That said, I do have some pointers for those of you about to, or wanting to, move.

Disclaimer: Just like Spring cleaning, things are about to get ugly… Accept the chaos as part of a bigger, better picture: onward and upward…

#1. Designate 3 Bins (or Bags): a) Trash b) Donate c) Keep

Tossing or giving away items you no longer want, use or need will lessen the time it tacks to UN-pack and settle into your new destination.

Ask yourself: If I saw (fill in the blank) in the store now, would I buy it?

#2. Pack up the decor first.

To decrease my resistance to packing, I tackled the obvious, first. I do believe that taking down the items you see daily will serve as a subconscious prime to your brain to keep pushing through the process. Think of the snowball effect. It’s ok to start small!

#3. Make piles before boxing.

In order to whittle down the sheer mass of stuff you have to move, put all like items together in one pile, gathered from all the rooms, together. For example, you may have a stack of small post-it notes in the office, a legal pad of paper in the kitchen drawer, and another stack of in-between sized notepads by your bedside. As you go through these rooms, you add the notepads to the notepad pile. This allows you to put the notepad you never use in the donation pile, because you now know you’ve got 2 other notepads for future use.

#4. Use boxes you can move!

Don’t stuff a box heavier than you can pick up and move. Yes, you may hire someone to do the actual moving, but I found it useful to move the finished boxes into one common area. Doing so allows you to clean emptied out rooms, once cleared.

#5. Label boxes by room. (&) #6. Don’t tape the boxes closed until you’re done.

Basically, I went through each room, making piles of keep/toss/donate, then loading the ‘keep’ items into (room-labeled) boxes, and then moved the completed (but unsealed) boxes into the front entrance. I went in the following room order (after taking down all wall decor): kitchen, linen closets, 2nd bedroom, master bedroom, office & bathroom (…and then garage, but I almost forgot it).

Side Note: Don’t bother taking your clothes off their hangers – wrap large garbage bags around the hung clothes, and tie the bag at the top. Add a rubber band around the hangers to make it easier to pick up and move. See photo below for example.

#7. Keep your daily toiletries and several days worth of clothes in a big bag or laundry basket; do not pack necessities!

Having your face wash, makeup, lotion, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, etc., will come in handy during the final days of packing, moving day, as well as the first day or two of unpacking. 

#8. Clean in a top-down direction (after move out is complete and before unpacking begins).

Dust falls down! Start with the ceilings (light fixtures/ceiling fans), then wipe down walls. Clean all cabinets, appliances, sinks, windows, railings, and counter-tops next. DON’T FORGET the outlets, light switches, and thermometers. Finally make sure to mop and vacuum the floors.

#9. Make a list of things you’ll need to do at your new location, but don’t wait to unpack.

Having a place to call your own is the cherry on top. There is a deadline for moving out, but not for moving in. Therefore, once you’re out of the old location, and into your new home, now is the time to catch up on sleep, and get back into your daily routine.

This is what stage I am in right now. While I wish I had a bunch of reveal photos to share, I am still proud of myself. I’ve have not done any decorating yet, however, I have unpacked the bare necessities, and that’s good enough for today. I’m was pretty banged up after that move… the hardest part is over, and I can finally catch my breath!

Here are a couple things that I think would’ve made the process easier:

A) Don’t buy bubble wrap – use packaging envelopes or anything soft you have to wrap dishes, plates, cups, etc. See photo below for example.

B) Don’t stop doing your yoga or meditation. I am still recovering from the disruption in my morning routine, and it has been over a week now.

C) To Prevent Injury : #1. Don’t Forget the Garage & #2. DO NOT KEEP items that will “sell quickly” at your old place, so you “don’t bother” the movers with items you’re not keeping.

I don’t think I incurred a concussion, but I did get an enormous goose egg AND a dozen or so big bruises. There wasn’t too much blood shed, but there were plenty of tears… and I even saw stars at one point! I fell down with a book cabinet and dropped a large table. I am technically fine, but my ego is/was a little wounded, for sure.

In the end, the outcome was worth the agony. Uprooting your home from one location to another is not easy! However, having a place to call your own is so gratifying. Hopefully, if you plan to move soon, you’ll find these tips useful.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any additional words of wisdom to add!!!

❤ always,

Annie Z.

PHONE 262.348.3253   |   262.215.1982


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