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Weekend in Wisco | March 22nd, 2020 | Annie Z Realty | Keefe Real Estate

Last week’s edition of Weekend in Wisco! went live on a Friday, instead of a Thursday, for the first time. To even mention any local events would feel criminal now. As of this week, Weekend in Wisco! has been suspended until further notice, in light of COVID-19.

Rest assured, there are many things to discuss! Here are several blog posts in the works:

  1. February Market Report (Pre-Pandemic Presidential Address)
  2. Effects of Quarantine on Local Real Estate Market
    • Restrictions, Options & Opportunities for Sellers & Buyers
  3. Honorable Charity Mentions
  4. Home Décor Projects & Spring Cleaning

How are you doing? How has this virus infected your life and/or loved ones? Let me know how I can help. Shoot me a quick email here (anniezrealty@gmail.com) or give me a buzz (262-215-1982) and keep me posted, please.

My mind is racing, but I am physically still and tense. Repeating in my head is the mantra: be prepared, not scared. Since the day this went pandemic status (Wednesday, March 11th),  I’ve done several virtual tours, an in-person property tour (of 2 properties) with a mask and gloves on, and hand sanitizer in my pocket. I have even done one virtual open house! On the 2 occasions I had to go into public places, I wore gloves, and used the hand sanitizer afterward. As of today, I’m only using delivery or drive up services (i.e., instacart), and only for necessities.

Additionally, from this point forward, I will require showings to be virtual, or with no more than 2, established clients at a time, if I’m 100% sure everyone’s healthy. This may change soon, as more advice comes in from my brokerage, Keefe Real Estate (which has been absolutely amazing, taking our weekly meeting online, keeping communication open and staff working remotely) and fellow agents.

Eventually, Weekend in Wisco! will return, but until then I just want to urge you: don’t panic. Do your part: stay home if you can, be smart if you can’t. Make a to do list of stuff you have previously said you “don’t have the time to do.” Get a hold of your loved ones, long lost friends, distant relatives, neighbors and friends – now is the perfect opportunity to reach out in so many ways.

Stay healthy ❤ always, Annie Z.

PHONE 262.348.3253   |   262.215.1982
EMAIL azambito@keeferealestate.com  |  anniezrealty@gmail.com 

During this time of pandemic panic, it is crucial to stay properly informed. THE source of accurate information, prevention and treatment of the corona virus can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.


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