Pre-Pandemic Status Market: February 2020

February seems so long ago. I'll be curious to see the pandemic's overall impact on the real estate market, once it's all over. Primarily, I just want an end to COVID-19! Don't forget: be prepared, not scared. Stay home if you can, be safe if you can't. We will bounce back!!

Weekend in Wisco!

Regardless of whether or not you get to see your favorite band live in concert, watch your favorite sports team play ball, or go on vacation, it is not about the places we go, but rather the people with which we share our lives. Remember: all of these actions are being taken to protect our loved ones. Wishing you and yours a safe and healthy weekend. Have a great Weekend in Wisco!

To Do List for 2020

This new decade has me full of hope and hungry for positive change. I've made a list of actionable items that could benefit not only me, but also anyone that takes the time to read this! Here are 10 things to do this year to improve your life and the lives of those you love:

Weekend in Wisco!

Weekend in Wisco | December 12th, 2019 | Annie Z Realty | Keefe Real Estate...Before we jump into the ‘must do’ list for this weekend, just wanted to know if you’ve experiences any of the local, reoccurring holiday events before? The following are a few examples. If so, let me know which you’d recommend the most!