January 2020 Local Market Update


Southeastern Wisconsin

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Our Metro-Milwaukee Area Multiple Listing Service gathers real estate stats for each month; they compile data points into graphs and highlight renown voices to provide a comprehensive Local Market Update. The following is from their latest report, released Tuesday, February 10th, regarding our hyper-local, Southeastern Wisconsin area for the month of January 2020.

10 K (Local) Market Research Reports by Multiple Listing Service Data Notes:

  • Single Family and Condominium property types only are used in all reports.
  • Monthly Supply of inventory: Instead of just the most recent month, they look at the average number of monthly pending sales from the last twelve months. This removes the effects of seasonality (i.e. there are way more sales in June than there are in December) and makes it easier to compare month-to-month numbers.

In their “Monthly Indicators,” the MLS is promoting an optimistic point of view for this year…

For 2020, The National Association of REALTORS® Chief Economist Lawrence Yun sees good news for home prices. “National median home price growth is in no danger of falling due to inventory shortages and will rise by 4%,” the long term NAR economist predicts. He is also expecting the new-home construction market sales to increase 10%. Yun and others would like to see home builders bring more affordable units to market to help ease shortages and slow price gains in that segment.

We start off the year with continued low interest rates, low unemployment, and rising rents nationally. These factors should encourage healthy buyer demand and sets us up for a strong start to the 2020 housing market and a lot of optimism for the coming spring market.

Metro MLS Report © 2020 ShowingTime

Did you know?

2019 TOTAL SALES VOLUME INCREASED BY ~14%! (compared to 2018)*

ALSO: Walworth, Williams Bay and Genoa city saw a nearly 20% increase in median pricing; Lafayette saw a 53% increase in volume; Median Pricing and Ave Price Per Square Foot both increased, and days on market generally dropped*

Want more info?

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January was clearly a hard month for my current area, Lake Geneva. That being said, I am positive for the year overall. If there ever was a time to sell, now is it; the seller’s market is very very strong. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a home valuation, my contact information is as follows!

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Data Source: All data from Metro MLS. Report © 2020 ShowingTime.

Weekend in Wisco!


Weekend in Wisco | January 16th, 2020 | Annie Z Realty | Keefe Real Estate

Winter Festivus’ for the Rest-of-Us’!

Who’s excited for all the local winter festivities happening over the next month?! I sure am! Here are the events that peaked my interest for this weekend:


  1. Drink Wisconsinbly Brandy Old Fashioned Evening at the Delavan Lake Store & Lounge at 6 pm tomorrow will surely be a Wis-good-son time! (why does it sound like there’s a ‘g’ in Wisconsin when I say it? Too many cheese curds up my nostrils? I’m ok with it…)
  2. PNO at PTO (Parent’s Night Out at Privato in Williams Bay) looks pretty cool! If anyone checks this one out, let me know how it goes; this will be held tomorrow, Friday January 17th from 7 pm to 12 am.
  3. Check out the Lake Geneva House of Music’s Winter Concert Series: January Edition. Tomorrow’s concert, starting at 7 pm, will be featuring The Belle Weather of Sheboygan!


  1. Ice Party Gone Wild! Hosted by Fontana Fire & Recue from 12 – 6 pm at the Abbey Yacht Club.
  2. I’m hosting an Open House from 12 -2 PM at 174 Third Ave., Fontana, WI 53125! See the final new construction, never occupied Row Home to hit the market!


  1. Lake Geneva Symphony Orchestra Chamber Music Concert is set to perform at 3 pm at the Episcopal Church in Lake Geneva (with meet and greet at Avant, down the block, to follow)!
  2. Packers vs. 49ers Playoff Party at The End Zone Bar & Grill in Delavan sounds like fun, but I won’t be there! Due to the universally known Law of Sports Superstition***, I will be at my folks house (again, as I have been the last 2 games), eating the same pizza by Ol’ Man Zambo, sitting in the same spot on their couch and wearing the same outfit, so we win 😊. You’re welcome. ***I made this Law up

Artsy Folk: Gallery 223 has opened a new Winter Show Exhibit. Come take a look Jan 9th through February 23rd in Downtown Lake Geneva.

But wait, there’s more! As per usual, there are plenty of other options of activities going on this weekend. These are just my fav’s… what are you up to?! Leave a comment ~ let me know! I’ll see ya around!

❤ always, Annie Z.

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Sources include: Visit Walworth County & Facebook Events