Weekend in Wisco!

Weekend in Wisco | January 16th, 2020 | Annie Z Realty | Keefe Real Estate

Winter Festivus’ for the Rest-of-Us’!

Who’s excited for all the local winter festivities happening over the next month?! I sure am! Here are the events that peaked my interest for this weekend:


  1. Drink Wisconsinbly Brandy Old Fashioned Evening at the Delavan Lake Store & Lounge at 6 pm tomorrow will surely be a Wis-good-son time! (why does it sound like there’s a ‘g’ in Wisconsin when I say it? Too many cheese curds up my nostrils? I’m ok with it…)
  2. PNO at PTO (Parent’s Night Out at Privato in Williams Bay) looks pretty cool! If anyone checks this one out, let me know how it goes; this will be held tomorrow, Friday January 17th from 7 pm to 12 am.
  3. Check out the Lake Geneva House of Music’s Winter Concert Series: January Edition. Tomorrow’s concert, starting at 7 pm, will be featuring The Belle Weather of Sheboygan!


  1. Ice Party Gone Wild! Hosted by Fontana Fire & Recue from 12 – 6 pm at the Abbey Yacht Club.
  2. I’m hosting an Open House from 12 -2 PM at 174 Third Ave., Fontana, WI 53125! See the final new construction, never occupied Row Home to hit the market!


  1. Lake Geneva Symphony Orchestra Chamber Music Concert is set to perform at 3 pm at the Episcopal Church in Lake Geneva (with meet and greet at Avant, down the block, to follow)!
  2. Packers vs. 49ers Playoff Party at The End Zone Bar & Grill in Delavan sounds like fun, but I won’t be there! Due to the universally known Law of Sports Superstition***, I will be at my folks house (again, as I have been the last 2 games), eating the same pizza by Ol’ Man Zambo, sitting in the same spot on their couch and wearing the same outfit, so we win 😊. You’re welcome. ***I made this Law up

Artsy Folk: Gallery 223 has opened a new Winter Show Exhibit. Come take a look Jan 9th through February 23rd in Downtown Lake Geneva.

But wait, there’s more! As per usual, there are plenty of other options of activities going on this weekend. These are just my fav’s… what are you up to?! Leave a comment ~ let me know! I’ll see ya around!

❤ always, Annie Z.

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Sources include: Visit Walworth County & Facebook Events

December 2019 Southeastern WI Market Update and Year in Review

The Mero-Milwaukee Multiple Listing Service gathers the previous month’s active and sold data on the 10th of each month. Here’s what they’ve got to say about our current market conditions, with end-of-the-year data from December 2019…

Monthly Indicators

In 2019 home prices were up again in most markets. Buyer demand continues to be strong but with tepid seller activity still in many locations, total sales are lower than they would normally be in a more balanced market. While up from their recent lows a few months ago, mortgage rates end the year close to three quarters of a percent lower than a year ago, helping to improve affordability and offset rising home prices.

[…] With low mortgage rates, low unemployment, and continued wage growth, home buyer activity is expected to remain healthy into the new year. New construction has been on the rise in 2019 and is expected to continue into 2020, but many experts note that the country is still not building enough new units to quench demand. It remains to be seen whether existing homeowners will be enticed to sell by higher home prices, which could finally bring the overall housing market into greater balance.

Metro Milwaukee MLS

Next, let’s dive a little deeper into our market’s performance this past quarter…

Year in Review & Q4

Now, let’s see how our market has fared across all types of listings this year, compared to last.

Tri-County Area Breakdown

Walworth, Kenosha & Racine Counties – 2019 (vs. 2018)

In 2019, a total of 5,769 Single Family Homes were sold in the Tri-County Area, which is EXACTLY the same number of single family homes sold in 2018 (5,769).

  • Walworth County: 1,487 (2018: 1,479)
  • Kenosha County: 2,028 (2018: 2,020)
  • Racine County: 2,254 (2018: 2,297)

1,071 Condos sold in 2019 versus 1,033 Condos that sold in 2018.

  • Walworth County: 456 (2018: 407)
  • Kenosha County: 275 (2018: 270)
  • Racine County: 340 (2018: 356)

350 Multi-Family Homes (including Two-Family Homes) sold in 2019; 363 Multi-Family Homes were sold in 2018.

  • Walworth County: 30 (2018: 42)
  • Kenosha County: 110 (2018: 140)
  • Racine County: 210 (2018: 181)

523 Vacant Land Lots sold in 2019; 638 Vacant Land Lots were sold in 2018.

  • Walworth County: 212 (2018: 203)
  • Kenosha County: 167 (2018: 209)
  • Racine County: 144 (2018: 226)

In 2019, the number of Commercial Listings sold totaled 152. In 2018, that number was 192.

  • Walworth County: 60 (2018: 51)
  • Kenosha County: 43 (2018: 56)
  • Racine County: 49 (2018: 85)

Overall, homes are selling for more money in less time; this indicates we’re in an increasingly competitive, sellers’ market. In other words, there aren’t enough homes for buyers to choose from, creating an auction type atmosphere for real estate transactions.

*IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT SELLING YOUR HOME* now would be a good time to start packing. Serious sellers should strongly consider preemptively move out of your home, in order to market it as “move-in ready” (which most buyers want). Alternatively, if your home is unique, you may have to wait longer for that specific buyer or accept less than expected due to buyers’ concessions. In other words, a buyer may ask for more to be included or repaired prior to closing, if they’ve settled on your home out of necessity. Make note that new construction is still on the rise. Finally, please be aware of how long it has been a “sellers’ market,” and eventually (although, no one specifically knows when) the market will turn.

*IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT BUYING A HOME* start researching as soon as possible, be aware that you may have to wait longer than anticipated. If you aren’t not finding exactly what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid; you can always ask for certain things to be repaired (professionally) or for personal property (i.e., furniture) to be included in the asking price to sweeten the deal. Additionally, consider building a new construction home. If you’re looking for something very specific, you may need to have work done on a home you purchase in order to make it fit your needs (which, yes, may require lowering your max price point for your home search). Be aware of our (increasingly frequent) multiple-offer situation. In other words, have your pre-approval or proof of funds ready to go, sell your current home first (if you have to sell to buy), and prepare to offer your highest and best – which might be above asking price.

After reviewing these data points, I am excited for the 2020 market! I love my job, and I’d be happy to help you buy or sell this year. Please Note: I can also pull data for any combination of statistics seen above, so please do not hesitate to ask! Your home value has likely increased, if you bought a home 2 or more years ago. Simply ask, and I’ll swing by for a full market analysis; alternatively, if you are just curious, I can also give you a rough estimate of your updated home value based on market data.

I hope you found this helpful, and I’ll see you around!

❤ always, Annie Z.

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Data Source: Current as of January 10, 2020. All data from Metro MLS. Report © 2020 ShowingTime.

Weekend in Wisco!

Welcome to Wisco!
Weekend in Wisco | January 9th, 2020 | Annie Z Realty | Keefe Real Estate

Coming Up: Lake Geneva’s 25th Annual WINTERFEST

Which of these Winterfest events are you most excited for? Let me know!

Here are some cool things happening this weekend:


  1. Specialty Cocktail Tasting at the Abbey Resort’s 240 West in Fontana-on-Geneva-Lake from 5 to 7 pm on Fri., Jan 10th
  2. 90’s Throback Party at Thumb’s Up in Lake Geneva starting at 9 pm on Fri., Jan. 10th.


  1. Rock the Barns: AC/DC Tribute *back by popular demand* at the Walworth County Fairgrounds in Elkhorn at 5 pm Sat., Jan. 11th
  2. RAR Live starting at 5 pm on Sat., Jan. 11th in Lake Geneva at Studio Winery.


  1. Sunday Champagne Brunch at the Baker House in Lake Geneva from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm every Sunday, has been lauded by the USA TODAY as the area’s Most Beautiful Restaurant delivering Victorian grandeur overlooking scenic Lake Geneva. Unlimited Champagne, traditional breakfast delights, a broad array of lunch entrees, fresh salads and delicious desserts; reservations recommended.
  2. Catch the Chicago Boat Show RV & Sail Show at McCormick Place – South from Wed., Jan 8th through Sun., Jan. 12th.

ALERT: If you haven’t yet, be sure to reserve your the Igloo Experience before it’s too late! Located at the Ridge Hotel in Lake Geneva, with a special appetizer and drink menu, Thursdays through Sundays from 11 am to 9 pm!

But wait, there’s more! As per usual, there are plenty of other options of activities going on this weekend. These are just my faves… what are you up to?! Leave a comment ~ let me know! I’ll see ya around! 🙂

❤ always, Annie Z.

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What I’ve Been Up To This Past Week:

Sources include: Visit Walworth County & Facebook Events

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Weekend in Wisco!

This weekend I plan to check out the nifty, local events listed below; but, do yourself a favor & check out www.VisitWalworthCounty.com yourself. There are so many things going on…

Well peeps, it’s finally here! The last weekend of August, 2019 means one thing, and one thing, only:

the 170th Walworth County Fair

Say no more; I’ll be there all weekend! This is just the tip of the iceberg, as far as things to check out this year, but here are the ones I’m most excited about:

Below is the daily schedule link, for your reference. It’s true: the Walworth County Fair is the only place to be this weekend. Of course, there are tons of other things to do in the area, as per usual, but the fair is only held once a year, and this particular festival happens to be a hundred and seventy years in the making!

Don’t. Miss. Out! I’ll see ya there 🙂

❤ always, Annie Z.

Daily Schedule

if clicking the word doesn’t work, copy and paste the following into your browser’s address bar: https://www.walworthcountyfair.com/p/walworth_county_fair/daily_schedules