F.I.R.E. Checkpoint: First Home Purchase✔️

In five or so years, I'll be buying my next residence, and converting my first home into my first investment property. For now? It's tax time AND I'm moving AND the market is picking up. Bring it on Wisconsin February! 🙂

How Overall Economic Conditions Affect Our Housing Market


All decisions are ultimately YOURS to make. Only you decide who to listen to, and what you base your next move on. Overall, the experts are saying 2020 looks like it could be another good year, for the overall economy and the national housing market. Therefore, I'm optimistic, and I hope others are, as well.


To Do List for 2020

This new decade has me full of hope and hungry for positive change. I've made a list of actionable items that could benefit not only me, but also anyone that takes the time to read this! Here are 10 things to do this year to improve your life and the lives of those you love: